When a sign's right, a sign's right.

Also, Cowher can get fucked for actually going through with that siren booshit. Go ahead and coach the Browns. You're done, chinny.


Traitorous Pig Dog

Seriously, Cowher? We appreciate you sticking up for the Steelers in the CBS studio and not accepting coaching jobs with the Browns, the Ravens, the Redskins and a host of other bothersome teams you've been rumored to be heading to in your two-plus years of retirement, but this siren sounding is not something we can countenance either. Don't your daughters have some basketball game you can occupy your time with?


It's Okay Silverback, Obama Hearts the Stillers

James Harrison takes the Greg Lloyd "I Wasn't Hired For My Disposition" credo to heart. If you've read "Steeler Nation" you'd know he's been a big nasty angry guy all his life. Going undrafted and being cut numerous times most likely only upped that chip on his shoulder. And the long rumored feud Harrison had with Cowher kept him from getting significant playing time until the Chin left to cheer at Carolina Hurricanes playoff games. Despite all this, only so much of that can excuse Harrison getting all pissy because the president wouldn't have taken a photo with the Steelers had not they lost. Technically, and obtusely, he's correct in saying that Obama would have met with Arizona had they won in Tampa, but to make it seem like that's some sign that POTUS hasn't been in the Steelers corner is downright silly. To recap:

-Obama appeared several times with the Rooneys during the campaign trail, which led the memorable photo up top.

-Obama accepted the game ball from the AFC Championship Game from Dan Rooney.

-Obama publicly stated he was rooting for the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

-Dan Rooney made a point to thank Obama before EVERYONE ELSE upon receiving the Lombardi Trophy

-Obama secretly wishes he could slough this whole president thing off and become an assistant on Mike Tomlin's staff (all the top secret insider sources I still have from The Post have confirmed as much).

So, yeah, Silverback, in a way I like that you still hold petty stupid grudges because it gives me the false impression that your big new contract hasn't made you go soft, but ferchrissakes, take the damn photo with Obama.


Rock the Neverending Disappointment

Not getting enough of the bandwagon red pom-pom Caps squad, I had to take a stroll through Chinatown this afternoon, even though I knew I'd be watching the game at the Pour House. It's not that I needed to work up any more enmity for the dicksmack Caps fanbase; the new braying DTC-esque arrivals to hockey, all making sure to rawk the red, were hardly in short order the last few months. It's just that, knowing the way the Pens outplayed the Caps thoroughout the majority of the series, the hunch was that it would be the last I'd see of them until they went back to their true burgendy and gold love in the fall. Living around the city for a large part of my life, I get it. The Redskins are the, really, the only game in town, will be the only ones with anything approaching a region-wide allegiance. When you're 17 years without a title from your most popular, or any, team you're willing to glom onto anything that remotely has the faint aroma of winning. And that's what most of them did. It helps that the Caps were ready with any number of simpleminded marketing slogans ("Rock the Red," "Unleash the Fury!") any laysportviewer can appreciate.

'Twas not to be. The Caps, with their smug twatwaffle owner who goes to any length to block road fans from overruning the home arena, the incessant Crosby bashers, their fans who still need to learn the basics of the game, their showboating dickhead MVP, are all dispatched. A great series up until the end. I didn't think any hockey team would be as obnoxious as the Flyers but the Caps are it. Congrats Caps, now join the Flyers in offseason limbo.

Opponent for conference final series to be determined tomorrow. It's fated to be the 'Canes just so there can be a tizzy about Tomlin at Pens games and Cowher playing the siren in Carolina. Or maybe it's just Boston and the thrill of denying the Massholes another title will suffice. Either way, the Pens are moving on.



(Gag blatantly stolen from ThePensBlog.)

Varly was impressive, but there was simply no way the Caps could prevail in that game. After enduring bandwagon fan hysteria when I was in attendance at Game 1 in Verizon, I couldn't deal with the possibility of that team going up 3-0.

By the way, Cowher needs to stop showing his face at 'Canes games. I know you got a home down there, but show some love to the 'Burgh.

All said, I miss football rull bad.

UPDATE: Bonus stunnage.


One For Our Friends On Frozen Pond

So, the ol' Dixie's been gone for about 3 months working on my tan career-related horseshit. Seriously, though, it's been a truly difficult time for me professionally and I'm thrilled to come out the other side, with you folks. Don't think I haven't made time to purchase the requisite championship garb, catch our drafted prospects and even sign up for a celebrity golf event.

But, back in the saddle, I'd like to take this opportunity to plug the other boys in Black N' Gold (Lord knows it ain't the Buccos). Being of District-related demographics and Pittsburgh-area sports allegiances, some among those that cull this space regularly are likely to be watching the Pens take on the Caps tonight. Hell, even ESPN is billing this series as worth a look and they only remit about 3 minutes to Stanley Cup Finals coverage annually.

Sidney and the gang represent much of what is good about professional hockey and I'm even willing to admit that Alex Ovechkin has some talent (although, I'm pretty sure your average mongoloid could score a few with as many as he throws at the net). I won't bore you with details, merely point out that the Pens, as evidenced above, have pulled for the Steelers on multiple occasions and that if ever they could use your "Beltway Pull" it'd be now.

For fantastic Penguins coverage I emplore you to visit The Pensblog, quite simply, one of the most hilarious and original team sites on the web today.

Almost forgot: I'm trying to figure out this Twitter bullshit, but it's taking me awhile...I have plans to attend mini-camp and use it there...stay tuned