Just a Quick Reminder

Ben Roethlisberger's second season - Wins Super Bowl after going through the AFC playoffs as a 6th seed, including a road victory over the top-seeded Colts. Despite poor performance in Super Bowl, posts three QB ratings over 95 in wins in AFC playoffs.

Joe Flacco's second season: Team gets sixth seed. Posts astounding QB rating of 10.0 in 1st round playoff win. Sucks up the joint in second round loss to hated Colts. Can't do anything but throw dump passes to Ray Rice. Flacco throws two interceptions. Ravens score three points.


Anonymous said...

It's a waste of time to even discuss this. Ben is an elite qb. Faggo is a joke.

Spatula said...

Oh, sure. It looks absurd when you rely on facts.

Paul said...

Well said, I can't believe how early in the year all of the pundits were talking about how Flacco is an "up and comer", and he's "built to last".

Hmmm... looks like a little regression in his game to me.

To give him a tiny bit of defense, it's not like he has anyone good to throw to except Ray Rice.

Anonymous said...

It makes me fart uncontrollably when I keep hearing commentators say how Flacco is a good QB because he has a winning record in the playoffs.


gamechump said...

We should bench him.

/beating off to the past