Revis Island Just Floated By The Steelers

With how salient the Steelers problems have been at cornerback this season, we probably don't need to be reminded how the team was this close to having the best cover guy in the NFL, only for him to swiped right out from under them. But Darrelle Revis ascension to that status has plunged me into a fit of sulking over might have been.

Recall that the Steelers had the 15th pick in the 2007 Draft. Lots of pundits had pegged Pitt product Revis as a possible, even likely, selection for the team. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. But the Jets made that speculation moot by trading up into the 14th pick to take Revis, one ahead of the Steelers.

The Steelers ended up taking Lawrence Timmons with the next selection. Timmons is a fine player who shows flashes of explosive play, but at times seems like he hasn't fully grasped all the nuances of the game. Either way, he's not Revis.

And as much as we want to gripe about losing out on a top corner, Leon Hall, who has transformed into a superior cover guy in his own right, was still on the board. He eventually went to the Bungles at 18.

Hopefully there's a chance to rectify that this year.


Buck said...

Why has this always been or biggest weakness? I can't remember a time when we had a stellar back four. I always go back to the Darren Perry days of horrible pass coverage and our patented sieve defense.

It looks like our needs are far and wide this year. A new offensive line, a new safety, 2 DBs, some younger defensive linemen.

Can we finally get rid of the Turnstyle?

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gamechump said...

No James Harrison Pro Bowl INT post yet?

I am shocked and disappointing.