This Week Sucked

I don't know how you feel, but fuck this week.

Sunday night: Santonio abruptly shipped to the Jets for a hair on Rex Ryan's ass.

Monday: No charges pressed against Ben Roethlisberger, but there are enough lingering holes in the case that everyone who wants to believe Roethlisberger is guilty is free to believe that all parties have been paid off in some way. Of course, had the accuser been paid off, she probably wouldn't have maintained in her letter to investigators that she still claims that something bad happened that night.

Tuesday: Every fucking moron on the Internet falls for the obviously bullshit claims of a lawyer on a Boston radio station saying that he investigated another accusation of sexual assault. He of course recants by the end of the day.

Wednesday: Penguins lose Game 1.

Thursday: The Rooneys announce impending punishment for Roethlisberger following the draft, even though according to the authorities, he's done nothing wrong. The media has the claims of one side from the police report and will play up the lurid details of their version of events until both the league and the Steelers give the media satisfaction. Hines Ward announces that he plans to retire if the Steelers win the Super Bowl, though the way things are going, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Friday: Nothing as of yet, but the day is young. You might not want to leave your homes until Sunday.

4/11-4/17: A week so fraught with despair and turmoil that it actually forced me to post on this blog again. Never forget!


TheStarterWife said...

And the Pirates dropped three out of the four games (so far) this week.

This week has been nothing but punches to gut.

Anonymous said...

You know it's gotten bad when the Redskins fans feel empowered to mock you openly... sigh.

Get Fresh Designs said...

Ben not convicted = trade his ass for some unproven asshole.

Ben has more Super Bowl wins in him.

I hope he does not get traded.


Ben needs to stay.