Mike Pereira Beats Back Leavy's Apology

"Libeskind glasses don't miss holding calls!"

All right. This is hopefully the last Super Bowl XL referee post I'm forced to do for a while. Or at least before the season starts. Or before my afterlife starts.

The point being that erstwhile NFL Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira came forward in his Fox Sports column to defend the validity of the calls made in Super Bowl XL. Well, except the very obviously wrong personal foul call on Matt Hasselbeck, which - again - changed very little about how the game played out.

Pereira did write that the holding call a few plays prior called on Sean Locklear was, in fact, correct, despite what Leavy is now claiming. Here's visual proof. Yeah, that's a textbook hold.

With the call being correct, the Seahawks have very little to complain about. Had the hold not been called, there was at least a decent chance that they might have been able to win. But it was a penalty and it was called, whether or not Leavy has misgivings years after the fact. Pereira argued that Leavy actually would have has a better argument flagging Haggans for being offsides. Fair enough. Then you simply have off-setting penalties.

Public opinion, at least among the portion of the public unwilling to accept that the Steelers won the game on their own, is not likely to be swayed by Pereira's defense. These people will brand him as a lackey mouthpiece of the league, as they reflexively do when he comes to a conclusion they dislike. Going forward, we're back to ignoring the folks who can't get past their own spite.

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Spatula said...

I work with a new guy from Seattle. They're never going to stop crying -- never.