Christ, What An Asshole

"Hurrr, I breathed through my mouth. It's a miracle!"

We've always known the Ravens and their fans have a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to the Steelers, but let's try to wrap our heads around this quote from Terrell Suggs from yesterday, shall we?
"The world thought it couldn’t be done. Pittsburgh, they’ve got a really great D. Our offense went down there and scored. They won the game for us."

To the Ravens and their retard fans, beating Charlie Batch is a miracle. A MIRACLE! Sorry, the person Donte Stallworth killed with his car rising from the dead? That is a miracle. Beating a fourth-string quarterback is something so mundane that it happens with great regularity.

Yes, it was the Steelers defense that surrendered the go-ahead score and Charlie Batch does not play defense, though he may have actually done a better job of covering Houshmandzadeh than Bryant McFadden on that touchdown throw. Of course, the fact that Batch couldn't get a first down on that last series does affect the defense. As did the several three-and-outs he Steelers made with him under center Sunday. That's why Baltimore ran 15 more plays than the Steelers. Having Roethlisberger back improves the Steelers in many ways beyond just having a better passer. The opposing defense backs off, giving the running game more space to operate. The Steelers offense performs better and thus the defense has less pressure on it.

With the Pittsburgh defense holding on a goal to go situation with less than three minutes remaining, they did enough to win the game. Flacco had his chance to shine there and missed badly on an endzone lob to Boldin. You can fault Tomlin and Arians for not trying to throw backed up on their own end with the lead as I did, but that's obviously a decision they don't make if Ben is playing. One first down there wins the game.

The whiny Ratbird fans can be excused some for getting carried away. Their team hadn't won in Pittsburgh since the magical one-and-down in the playoffs season of 2006. It was a big win for them, but let's try to keep a little perspective. Just kidding, here's the mind-melting bullshit from Nestminder:
For the first time in the Flacco-Harbaugh era, the Ravens won at Heinz Field. And you couldn’t write a more perfect script of how it came to pass.
Really? PERFECT? As in, in no conceivable way could the game have ended better? This was the platonic ideal for Ravens victory. I mean, I would assume a more perfect script would involve beating the Steelers at full strength. Or against the QB who has defeated the Ravens five times in a row. Or in a playoff game. Not a Week 4 game with Charlie Batch starting.

The Steelers have to repay the Patriots for playoff losses early last decade. When Pittsburgh went into Gillette Stadium and blew out the Pats in 2008, it was great, sure. But did anyone even try to suggest that the score was settled by beating Matt Cassel? Or that it was a perfect scenario for victory? Of course not. And at least Cassel is worthy of being a regular starting quarterback in the NFL. In all likelihood, Batch won't take another snap this season. Not to mention that the Steelers won handily in that game. They didn't need to score a go-ahead touchdown in the final minute to squeak out a victory.

Normally, I can ignore the Bawlmer fucktardery (except referee blaming, because that's always a treat) but with them winning going into the bye week, there's nothing else to take my attention away until after this coming weekend.

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Bassbiscuit said...

Wow. Easy there tiger. I think the message was pretty simple... the ravens players, coaches, as well as fans were clearly relieved to simply overcome the steelers defense... more specifically, a Steelers D which has eaten our damn lunch at crunch time in the past 3 seasons.

The time- worn cliche of "familiarity breeds contempt" is pretty much the case here. As a die- hard Ravens fan, I cannot stand the Steelers but holy shit your defense is damn good. So yes, ol' Joe finally came through after quite a few lapses and we're are pleased but by no means self- congratulatory. I consider it a bullet dodged. On to the next game.

In fact more than patting Joe on the back we ought to be sending champagne to Skippy's house so he can yet again head out to the sweet hills of the burgh and throw some punches at Pittsburgh's finest. Frankly, he is the Ravens' MVP in my opinion. Fun article though. Thanks