Why Didn't Anyone Warn Me About Joe Sacko?

I was watching the Bucs-Ravens game on Sunday and announcer Sam Rosen made reference to a Ravens player named Joe Sacko. Not only have I never heard of him, but apparently he now holds the Baltimore franchise record for touchdown passes.


Then again, the previous record holder was Vinny Testaverde, who set the previous franchise mark in only two seasons with the team. That's one less than Sacko. And with a vastly inferior receiving corps to what this Sacco guy gets to work.

Testaverde's top receivers in '96 and '97: Derrick Alexander and Michael Jackson (Zero combined career Pro Bowl selections). He did have former Steelers tight end Eric Green, however (two-time Pro Bowl selection).

Joe Sacko's main target for his first two seasons was Derrick Mason (two-time Pro Bowler) and now he has Anquan Boldin (three-time Pro Bowler) and T.J. Houshmandzadeh (one-time Pro Bowl selection). Oh, and don't forget Todd Heap (two more Pro Bowls).

So, I don't know - Joe Sacko might be all right, but Vinny Testaverde is still obviously the best quarterback the Ratbirds ever had. Good thing he's not around anymore.

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Roach said...

I've been referring to him as "Ball Sacco" for two years now.