Attack of the '94 Defense

"At least I only failed once as a head coach."

The Steelers can't seem to avoid their recent past in the Super Bowl. Two years ago, the team had to square off against former assistants Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm. In Super Bowl XLV, the past is present comes knocking once again in the form of Dom Capers, Kevin Greene and Darren Perry.

Yeah, all three were on staff as Green Bay defensive coaches when the teams played last season in Pittsburgh, but as a storyline, it beats repeating that head coach Mike McCarthy grew up a Steelers fan. Together, they've helped make the Packers defense only slightly less impressive than that of the Steelers. Good on them.

Kevin Greene has imparted the pass rushing significance of long flaxen tresses to Clay Matthews. Conversely, Matthews offered Greene a handy lesson in how to avoid getting caught using steroids.

Perry is the only member of the three to have won a ring as a player or coach. Of course, he got his as an assistant coach with the Steelers in 2005.

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