It's In Dallas This Year, And Ray Lewis Won't Be There

I'll have a more comprehensive reaction once my head stops spinning. For now, I'll just say that was one of the more thrilling Steelers victories I've ever seen. Obviously, nothing less than thorough domination of the second half was needed after the various mistakes made in the first half. I don't know if Tomlin's halftime speech is posted or transcribed online, but I'd sure as shit like to hear it.

The tide of recent history against Baltimore only flows stronger now. The playoff win in the 2008 AFC champsionship game came in Flacco's rookie season. There are no such excuses now. At this point in Roethlisberger's career, he had won a Super Bowl. The Ravens stocked their roster for a Super Bowl run this season. Derrick Mason said it was a title or bust. Everyone kept reminding us how Ray Lewis said "it's in Dallas this year" the first time he called Anquan Boldin after the Ravens traded for him. I'd love to hear the first thing he said to him after Boldin had a go-ahead TD clang off his chest.

In all likelihood, the Steelers are headed to Foxborough next week. The Pats have the Steelers number much like the Steelers do with the Ravens. The Ravens were in position to reverse that yesterday, but ultimately folded. Blowing leads in the second half was Baltimore's M.O. this season. Give the Steelers a 21-7 halftime lead next week, and I'd like their chances. Either way, it's great for the team to extend its dominance over Bawlmer and get another shot at Brady.


Dave said...

According to Hines Ward's twitter/facebook there was no halftime speech. They just went into the locker room and nothing had to be said. Regardless, the road to the superbowl comes through Heinz Field.

Constant Gardener said...

Tomlin strikes me as the kind of coach that rarely has to yell. Ehen he does get mad, I bet it's the kind of quiet terrifying icy anger like Bylsma that makes players shit their pants.

I'll say it-- I'm afraid of overconfidence for next week. Sure, the Jets aren't the Pats and we don't have the same mental block we seem to have about the Pats. But their defense stymied the Steelers less than a month ago, plus the guys have GOT to be super banged up after the Ravens.

Spatula said...

Wow, check out what passes for journalism in Baltimore: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bal-memorable-steelers-losses-pg,0,5695258.photogallery. That's right, it's a display of "memorable Steeler's losses." Holy shit, how insecure does an entire town have to be?

Constant Gardener said...

That is some gripping reporting there. I've been told that Pittsburghers have a serious inferiority complex (and I admit to seeing it in action), but I think Baltimore's even worse.

What's the worst you can say about Pittsburgh? It's a financially troubled town that used to be the capital of an industry that's since largely taken off to lands where labor is cheap and OSHA and the EPA don't exist? Ooh, ouch, that's hurts. It's still better than a financially troubled but even more poorly managed city with an even worse division between the haves and have-nots and a ridiculously high crime rate, plus it's doomed to be permanently overshadowed by DC. I kind of almost feel bad for them, the way I feel bad for Cleveland. Except Ravens fans are far more annoying. Especially because I live among them now.

Hey Ape, what's with the rabid Steelers hate at KSK lately? I mean, there's always been some and that's cool, but now it's like trendy or something. Same thing with Deadspin lately, too.

Christmas Ape said...

Steelers actually moved the ball pretty well on the Jets in the regular season meeting. They only ended with 17 points, but were a down away from scoring 24 at the final whistle. It was also probably Mendenhall's last really good rushing performance of the season. Passing game was fluid most of the game as well, even with Ben banged up and Heath out.

There's always some hate for the Steelers at KSK. This is the time of year when all hate shines through. It'll be on overdrive this week as people love the Jets just because of the Rex Ryan character. Doesn't bother me.