P-Drizzle Needs Better Hate

Terrell Suggs, as is his wont, as been flapping his constantly exposed gums all week about Saturday's upcoming playoff game, terming it both "Armageddon" and what amounts to the de facto AFC championship game. As much as I dislike the Patriots, I can't even begin to get at how stupid the latter statement is. He does realize both teams lost to New England this season, and probably would again in a rematch? Then again, when does the truth or a history of ineptitude get in the way of Ravens players talking shit?

What offends me most about this latest example of T-shirt-as-trash-talk from Suggs (the first came in the preseason the year after the Ravens were on the business end of a three-game sweep) is that he's using the most easily obtained and ubiquitous Steeler hate shirt among Ratbird fans. Every single street vendor outside that purple-seated, taxpayer-funded pile of shit in the Inner Harbor hawks these things. If you've ever attended a Steelers-Ravens game in Bawlmer, you've seen tens of thousands of angry mouthbreathers wearing one of these. So what's one more? The effect has kind of waned by this point. At least the last shirt was halfway novel. This is just lazy and forced. At least carrying a bottle of bleach might have been funny.

Even though he couldn't complete the sack that might have won his team the game in December, Suggs, to his credit, had a hell of a game in the loss in Baltimore, completely dominating Jonathan Scott in the process. I hardly expect Scott to shut down Suggs on Saturday, but any improvement would be a huge break for the Steelers. And while I'm giving Suggs credit for possibly the first time ever, I will say though he never shuts up, at least he doesn't completely vanish after a Ravens loss the way Ray Lewis does. Ray-Ray has built a reputation among the Baltimore media for never being around and never responding when the Ravens lose. But when they win, there he is beating his chest and being the gloryhog he usually is. Just what you want to see out of the supposed veteran leader of your team.

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Jim Philips said...

Yes, you are right at little bit more of hate, It would make the game more interesting for Sportsbook Online community and everybody else.