Ravens: Still Dicks

John Harbaugh on Monday boasted that he was happy that defensive tackle Haloti Ngata broke Ben Roethlisberger's nose on an uncalled cheap shot in the Ravens loss in Baltimore in December. Shock of shocks considering how much Ray Lewis bragged when Rashard Mendenhall got hurt in 2008.

Harbaugh at least qualified his statement by saying he was impressed that Roethlisberger played through the pain. That's nice and all, but it still doesn't take away from the fact that Harbaugh is praising an injury.

I get that the underlying message is that Harbaugh is pleased that his team was able to rough up the opposing quarterback, something any coach wants, but you don't cheer for injuries, even if the player is able to compete through them. And wasn't Harbaugh getting on his high horse just a few months back about how his players hit "the right way." That's far worse than the James Harrison comment earlier in the season that he tries to hurt people, but not injure them. Of course, the media leapt all over Harrison's statement since he was the new villain in the head shots freakout. Harbaugh's careless words will probably be mostly ignored.

When Willis McGahee got knocked out by Ryan Clark in the 2008 AFC Championship, did Clark dance around and brag to the media about the hit? Nope. Has Hines ever crowed publicly about doing the same to Ed Reed? Not so much. But the always posturing Ravens will never stop pathetically trying to prove to everyone how tough they are. Too bad it always seems to come in losing efforts.


Spatula said...

We shouldn't be too harsh on the Ratbirds. After all, their rhetoric is just overcompensation for teeny, tiny penises.

Bassbiscuit said...

I have no problem with Harbaugh's comment and apparently neither does Ben. (From USA Today transcript) "He's a Miami (Ohio) guy, so I don't think he really meant anything malicious by it."

I think this ranks up with Harrison's "I play to hurt" comment. I have no problem with that either...It's football. How is he supposed to answer? "Gee I really wish that hadn't happened..." Come on boys. It's football between two mean squads.

None of this is any worse than Hines flashing his pearly whites with glee after shattering Keith Rivers' Jaw with a crack- back block. Big deal... keep your head on a swivel and play the game.

That said, I am always nervous when the Ravens play the Steelers but it should be a good one. Good luck Steeler nation.

Christmas Ape said...

Yeah, I saw Ben's reaction to it. The comment mostly annoys me because the media at large would flip out completely and talk about it the rest of the season were the situation reversed and it was Tomlin joking because Casey Hampton or (God forbid) James Harrison broke Flacco's nose and there wasn't a penalty.

Bassbiscuit said...

I dunno Ape... it seems to me that both Ravens and Steelers seem to have targets on the backs of their respective defenses. They still employ a hard- nosed style which seems to clash with the current trends (i.e. a kinder, gentler NFL).

I certainly agree that it makes for good bulletin board material. At least Harbs made a compliment sandwich, as it were (lovely HR-speak). He basically said, "Not only did we break his nose, but he then proceeded to kick our collective ass, despite the injury."

Neither Joe nor Ben will ever get those automatic calls because... well Ben has a certain reputation and Joe has the PR personality of a dial- tone.

Ravens: Still Dicks, Steelers: Still Dicks

At least there are two teams left in the NFL that remember what this sport is about.

Jim Philips said...

Wow, I have to admit to actually broke his nose. It is something awful but those are the news that people want to read and they are popular at Sportsbook Online community