Team Rallying Around Flozell, Of All People

The Steelers have arrived in Dallas and so the real hype madness can ensue. There were rumbles over the past week that the team wanted to frame the game as an effort to win one for Flozell Adams, who spent his entire career prior to this season in Dallas but never made it to the Super Bowl before this season.

I guess they're taking it more to heart than they had even been leading on. Upon arriving on Monday in Dallas, the offensive line, including an injured Maurkice Pouncey, was seen exiting the team plane wearing Flozell's Michigan State college jersey in a nod similar to what the team did with Jerome Bettis' Notre Dame jersey when arriving in Detroit for Super Bowl XL. Nothing wrong with seeing camaraderie from the O-line, especially with Pouncey almost certainly out.

Meanwhile, Hines was sporting his western get-up with giant S belt ("stands for SUPELL!"), which will undoubtedly get the majority of the attention for the day.

Oh yeah. Let's not forget amid the countless warmed-over, sharted-out Steelers hate pieces and forced sound bytes that it's really all about this.

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