With All Due Respect To Bob Costas, STFU

Not sure if you all caught Costas halftime monologue during the Rams-Seahawks game on Sunday night, but it was quite the heroic piece of Colts knob slobbing seen since, well, probably Peter King's last column.

He starts us off with the obvious: that the road to the Super Bowl in the AFC goes through New England and that, in case you hadn't been paying attention for months, they've been really good this year. Thanks for keeping us up to speed. Costas then segues into a wanton fit of Indy fluffing, the lust contained within possibly unfit for network broadcast.

Somehow, other than the Pats, the Colts are somehow the team to beat in the conference. Spouting apology after excuse, he then waves off the Steelers as though they were the Seahawks, a team that only made it to their position by sheer technicality. The Colts, Costas tell us, have overcome injury and fought through adversity, something the Steelers certainly have not. After all, the Steelers lost both starting offensive tackles, their best defensive end (who's also one of the best 3-4 DEs in the game and a key member of their defense) not to mention of host of other players throughout the season. Oh, and the adversity of their starting quarterback being suspended the first month of the season? Nothing compared to Austin Collie sustained multiple concussions, apparently.

The motivation behind this is just as likely business-oriented as it is a desperate attempt to puff up Peyton Manning, a perennial media darling if ever there was one. NBC, of course, is carrying the Jets-Colts Wild Card game on Saturday, and it makes sense for them to push Indy as the other legit team in the conference, seeing as how NBC won't get to broadcast any postseason games featuring either the Steelers or the Patriots. It's a cynical commercial for the network's programming masquerading as analysis.

Just something to keep in mind the next time Costas wants to pipe up about ethics.


TheStarterWife said...

Love how Costas cites the Colts "professionalism" and completely ignores they'd had player arrests this season.

(And were totally helped by a Jacksonville team that collapsed at the end of the season.)

Moosemastr said...

I'm just going to ask how the fuck Costas can simply brush the Steelers aside when he considers the Pats and Colts to be the two best teams in the AFC over the last decade.
I guess going 2-for-2 in the Super Bowl means jack shit if you didn't beat the Patriots along the way.

Spatula said...

Didn't Costas suggest that the Packers simply forfeit rather than play the Patriots a few weeks ago? Good call you malignant dwarf.

gamechump said...

what a fetus-faced windbag.

David Hatfield said...

Costas sucks the balls of the biggest brand name in each sport. Then he makes up some garbage to sound smart.

He needs to realize the decade thing won't mean shit when we have 3 of the last 6 Super Bowls won.

Tony said...

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