Please Allow Me a Belated WOOT

Don't know if you heard, but the NFL lockout is over. Yeah, I'm pretty excited, too.

Oh, and Ike Taylor re-signed with the team. So did Willie Colon. Before that, Hines Ward won Dancing With The Stars and got a DUI (or didn't, if you ask him). James Harrison said some dumb shit. Rashard Mendenhall said some dumb shit. Ben Roethlisberger pretended to regain religion and got married. Ryan Clark quit Twitter. Ryan Clark rejoined Twitter. Ryan Clark used Twitter to make salient points about the lockout. And, saddest of all, Mike Wallace rooted for the Miami Heat to win the NBA Finals.

If you're one of the untold millions who rely exclusively on this blog for your breaking news needs, you likely missed all these developments because I've been dormant on DCSN for a good six months or so. No, it wasn't because I was taking the Steelers' Super Bowl loss particularly hard, unless nightly self-induced alcohol poisoning and plotting for the destruction of Wisconsin is a more unreasonable reaction than I've allowed myself to believe.

No, it's because I've been spending a lot of my time working for a moving company to pay the bills. And you'd be surprised how pissed they get if you take a break from carrying a tall dresser down the stairs to write a blog post about Antwaan Randle El getting cut. All I ask is a little perspective. Corniness aside, I haven't been in front of my computer all that much. And when I have, I've been a little too bummed out by the whole lockout business to bother with writing about the Stillers.

But now (or at least a week ago) the lockout is over, thus wresting away any excuse I had not to write on this site. So now, heart in hand, I proclaim that I renew my commitment to using words to convey my love for Stillers footbaw and hatred for Arians bubble screens and whiny ass Ravens fans. Rejoice! It's back.


gamechump said...

I'm so glad I made my bi-monthly visit today. I was dying for your perspective on Mendenhall's belief that George W. Bush took down the World Trade Center.

/mind blown

That whole Colon thing shocked me.

Lauren said...

Stoked you're back too. Football season wouldn't be the same without your posts.

Spatula said...

Welcome home. After getting my Master's degree from the University of Chicago, I too worked for a moving company while supporting a wife, a daughter with a birth defect that required eight hours of skull surgery, and anywhere from one to three brothers. Yep, good times.

Dierdorf Sucks said...

Good to have you back. I think the team is gonna be extra pissed this year. Especially Ben.

jwd4 said...

Thank god you're back.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Having to work for a living sucks. Being out of work also sucks. I don't know which is worse.

I hope you're able to get back in rhythm. The lockout -- and other life-shit -- took the wind out of my sails, yoo, so my blog went dormant, as well, which is a cardinal sin in blogging.

Not that first exhibition games mean a thing, but I'd be interested in your take on the Steelers 'performance' in D.C. on Friday night.

Spatula said...

Ape, what do you think about the team to this point in the pre-season?