Steelers Reanimate The Broken Down Husk Of Max Starks

Busyness, rather than the understandable excuse of crushing despondency, kept me from writing about the Steelers' lifeless showing in Houston. For the sake of going through the motions, which seems apt right now - The Steelers sucked. They should lost by far more. They failed to capitalize when the Texans practically begged to lose. The O-line is laughable. Arian Foster's meastliness notwithstanding, the run defense is as porous as I've seen from this team. Roethlisberger is hurt. Silverback is hurt. Mendenhall might as well stay hurt.

And the team's solution is to bring back Max Starks, the inferior of the two ancient tackles that fans were begging the team to sign since Willie Colon got hurt. Lord knows why. Not only is he out of shape, but he's about as injury prone as Colon or Aaron Smith has been the past few years. Hope they have the cart ready at Heinz on Sunday.

Oh yeah, the Titans are also surprisingly good this season. And even though Chris Johnson's numbers have been less than spectacular so far this season (2.9 ypc) we can't have the luxury of year's past that we know it's going to stay that way on Sunday.

There are a few things I will be curious to watch for, aside from Ben maybe getting finished off if he does play. Lawrence Timmons will move to the outside to play for the injured Deebo. I like the idea of Timmons on the outside, even if he's replacing one of the two players on the defense that seem capable of forcing a turnover this season. On the other hand, that means Larry Foote, who has been atrocious so far this season (Houston was picking on him regularly) moves into the starting line-up for the week. Still have no idea why the team let Keyaron Fox go.

On the upside - Antonio Brown appears to have entrenched himself as the no. 2 receiver on this squad, and the team is better for it. For better or worse, Mike Wallace seems to be doing most of his damage early in games. Either this is because teams thing they can get away with certain coverage then learn otherwise, or it just may be that as the game goes on, the Steelers can't risk the kind of dropbacks they would need for Wallace to get open deep. No matter the reason, Brown has been the most reliable target for the Pittsburgh offense late in games. Something good to know if the protection issues ever get close to being remedied.

So far this year, we've seen three dreadful performances on the road and one passable effort in a rout of a shitty Seahawks team at home. Probably not enough of a sample size to say for certain that they're sure to play better at home this week, but one would hope with the embarrassment they suffered Sunday at the hands of the Texans, that they, oh hell I don't know, show us something, anything.


Spatula said...

At this point, we just need another body on the line, and, at 345 he's a hell of a body.

Jim Philips said...

We just have to move forward. We know that they are doing great but, you, pay per head bookmaking and I have faith in them.