Steelers 1st Round Mock Draft Roundup

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One of the ways the NFL Draft format shift (from multiple rounds on the first day, to a stand-alone, showcased first round tonight) affects the common fan, other than a bonus night of drinking, is to put a focus on those initial series of picks.

This “Prime Time” slot, combined with the new-fangled interwebs has resulted in a myriad of draft experts/analysts/diving-rod readers, and what’s more: They are WAY more visible than just a few years ago. Sure seems like every swinging dick in the football valley is posting a Mock Draft these days.

Now, you may be Mock Drafted to death. But, there’s no denying picks 1 through 32 are important…for every team. With the 31st pick as Super Bowl Runners-Up (Runner-Ups?), the Steelers have the unenviable task of predicting what players will still be left on the board when their time comes. This is just south of a crap-shoot. So. WHAT DO? I figured grabbing a snapshot of all the Mock Drafts out there would at least give us the opportunity to snicker and snark at those that miss the mark…because we could do better, for sure. Anyway, it breaks down like this:

Link to Individual Picks

Remember, this is all predicated on the idea of the Steelers retaining the 31st overall pick...if we move up for Pouncey, as some have theorized (not I, however) or make any other deal, all bets are off. Oh, and there's always the ever popular "trading out of the 1st round" option, too.

Interesting Tidbit: Kevin Colbert's comments regarding this year's talent in the draft. Take it for what you will...