The Bubble Screen of Death is Dead

Presumably, at least. How knows if the Steelers will double down on pass happiness and sign Mike Martz just to see how high I'm willing to climb to leap to my demise. Even worse, some are saying Jim Caldwell is a possible replacement candidate. What conversations

For now, let's just celebrate Bruce Arians being gone forever. Granted, he wasn't the worst offensive coordinator the team has ever had in my lifetime (Kevin Gilbride), but the Steelers could certainly do better. I'm sure the guy got tired of the constant hate and blame heaped on him (hate and blame I was only happy to contribute) and really, that was the only way he was gonna leave. Tomlin and Roethlisberger were fiercely loyal to the guy.

If nothing else, hopefully this spells the end of the stupid bubble screen strategy the Steelers routinely employed under Arians. Not only was it usually a waste of a down, it was also turning into turnover bait on a consistent basis. The INT Terrell Suggs got a bubble screen the team telegraphed possibly cost the Steelers the second game against Baltimore. Had they won that, the team is probably still playing this weekend. Only a bad early whistle by the officials stopped the bubble screen from resulting in another turnover in the Wild Card loss in Denver.


Spatula said...

The air is crisper, the sun is brighter, the birds are chirping more happily, Bruce Arians is gone, and my dog isn't crapping on my carpet -- it's a great day.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Who was worse? Kevin Gilbride or Ray Sherman? Ugh.

That's the scary thing. Who might we get?

Spatula said...

@JPPB: Looks like you might have been right.

Jim Philips said...

Well I don't think that they will make the difference in the team right now but there are people on pay per head services community that they have high hope for him.